Research Work Done

Areas of Research

  1. Knowledge Management in Water & Environment.
  2. Program M & E.
  3. Evaluation Reports.
  4. Natural Resource Management.
  5. Livelihoods.
  6. Natural Resources Policy.
  7. Gender Based Violence.
  8. Renewable Energy & Rural Technology.
  9. Others.

1. Knowledge Management on Water and Environment

  • 44 Knowledge Products on Water Policy, Water Resources, Drinking Water, Sanitation. Jun 06-Sep 07. See This Link for the full list.

2. Program M & E

  • Problems in setting up & implementing M & E systems in IFAD projects with M & E Officers of Asian IFAD projects. (Unpublished), 2006.
  • Methodology for Identification of poorest communities-IFAD-ULIPH Project, Uttaranchal. (Unpublished), 2005.

3. Evaluation Reports

  • EVALUATION REPORT: AIPP’s Progress on the Implementation of the 2013-2016 Strategic Plan – Pankaj Shrivastav and Martua Sirait, 2017,
  • EVALUATION REPORT: Project on Reviving and Constructing Small Water Harvesting Systems in Rajasthan, Sida, March 2003.
  • Evaluation of project on Water Harvesting by Tarun Bharat Sangh, Alwar, Rajasthan, Unpublished, 1998.
  • Participatory Evaluation of Water and Environmental Sanitation Program of UNICEF in 4 states (M.P., U.P., Rajasthan, Orissa) , Unpublished, 2004
  • Evaluation of CHIRAG’s Silage program, 1994.

4. Natural Resource Management

  • Village Level Institutions & Common Property Resources, presented at the International Forestry Convention, Chiangmai, Thailand in 1991. Published by FAO, Bangkok.
  • Microplanning for World Bank funded Ecodevelopment Project, Great Himalayan National Park, Kullu, H.P., to develop sustainable Ecodevelopment program, (Unpublished), 1995.
  • Forestpeople linkages in Kullu and Mandi Forest Circles, Pre-feasibility- JFM program, ODA, (Unpublished), 1994‑95.
  • Watershed development in U.P. Himalayasan overview, with B.M.Kandpal,1996, IGSSS, New Delhi.
  • Sustainable Forest Management in Uttaranchal, presented in Seminar on Sustainable Forest Management in Uttaranchal, February 2000, SPWD, New Delhi.
  • Occurrence, extraction, trade of Medicinal Plants and status of Traditional Systems of Medicine in Himachal Pradesh, with ERA, H.P. (for IDRC, Canada), (Unpublished), 1996‑97.
  • A Collection of Case Studies from 32 village reports, from ForestPeople linkages in Kullu, Mandi districts of H.P. covering wide range of issues and case studies in natural resource management, (Unpublished), 1994-95

5. Livelihoods

  • Livelihood Strategies in Pinder Valley of Garhwal Himalayas, 2002, SPWD, New Delhi.
  • Udna hamen hai Neele Aasman par, fiction film on SHG and radio spots, ULIPH, Dehradun.
  • Trends in Livelihood Strategies in Kumaon , FAO, Bangkok, 1993.

6. Natural Resources and Development Policy

  • Master’s Thesis – Constraints and Opportunities of Software Industry in Uttaranchal.
  • Directions for Natural Resource Management Policy For Uttaranchal, Workshop on NRM Policy for 3 Newly Carved States- Uttaranchal, Jharkhand & Chhattisgarh, 2001, SPWD, New Delhi.
  • Sustainable Forest Management in Uttaranchal, Seminar on Sustainable Forest Management, SPWD, 2000.

7. Women’s Equality and Gender Based Violence

  • Mentored Aarushi Sinha, Intern, National University Singapore for thesis titled Methodological & structural constraints in enhancing data systems to end Domestic Violence (Unpublished).
  • Analysis of constraints preventing women from participating in Local Governments in South Asia for UN Women (Unpublished).

8. Renewable Energy and Rural Technology

  • Natural resources management in Uttaranchal-Can Microhydels provide a solution?, Wastelands News, 1998.
  • User Manuals on Mountain Technologies, published by World Bank’s UT DASP :
    1. Implementing community-owned Microhydels.
    2. Regenerating springs in Western Himalayas.
    3. Fodder conservation & promotion techniques.
    4. Low-cost water tanks, polyhouses, compost pits
  • Low-cost Ropeway Trolleys in Kullu, 2002, SPWD, New Delhi.
  • Development of Micro Hydro Power in Uttaranchal – as if people mattered, (Unpublished), 1998.

9. Others

  • Himalayan Efforts, Wastelands News, Apr-Jul, 1999.
  • Village Level InstitutionsSome Issues, Wastelands News, SPWD, 1992.
  • Impact Study: Landslides in Ramgarh & Dhari Blocks, Nainital District, Unpublished, 1993.
  • Reportage on Uttaranchal Agitation, Unpublished, 1994.
  • Reportage – Role of NGOs in Earthquake relief in Uttarkashi, after Oct 1991 Garhwal earthquake, Unpublished