Dashboard as a Service

1. Monitoring of SDGs at Gram Panchayat Level

Developed a tool for UNDP in three Gram Panchayats in Maharashtra

2. Multi-device MIS system

Developing a multi-device MIS system (mobile phone, tablet, desktop and web-based for data collection, collation and visualization (live dashboards) across 6 states, 6 Value chains and 30,000 beneficiaries for Udyogini, New Delhi.

3. Android Phone based Rapid Surveys and Data Collation

Designing tools and capacities for rapid implementation and data collation through Android phone based systems. Turnover time for about 500 Households for data collection and creation of data tables was about two weeks.

3. Design of comprehensive MEL systems

a. Web-based MEL system

Implemented a web-based monitoring data ecosystem and dashboard for UN Women for their Royal Norwegian Embassy funded program – “Gender-responsive Governance in India and Bhutan”. Data input was by UN Women partners in various locations in India. The system aggregated all this data to respond to UN Women’s monitoring requirements and to donor specifications.
Developed a multi-country MEL framework for Oxfam’s multi-country Tax Justice Program in Vietnam and Kenya including live dashboards and quick report generation.

b. Data Ecosystem Mapping

Comparative analysis of the development data ecosystems by Departments of Economics and Statistics of Gujarat and Maharashtra. The analysis recommended how state data systems can be enhanced in Maharashtra to better respond to development and SDG monitoring. Client – the UN in India.
See this link for current and completed projects for details.