Completed Projects
1. End Project Results Oriented Report for United Nations on SDG Localisation - Aug 2021
• Supported the UNRCO in New Delhi to compile a Results Oriented End-project Report for the DFID-supported project on “Localisation of SDGs in India”. 
2. Comprehensive Online Write-shop and Training in Writing Winning Proposals - Jul 2021
  • Train CSO members of the network “The Constellation” in conceptualising and writing winning proposals for international donors. Participants are from Europe and Africa. 
3. Mobile based MIS system to track Maternal and Child Health targets and results - Feb 2021
Design and roll out mobile based MIS system to track pregnant and Lactating Mothers, U5 children, ANC, PNC service availability, Sub-Centre Data, training of ANM, ASHA, Anganwadi Workers, household hygiene behaviour targeting about 700 poor families in 4 Gram Panchayats in 100 villages in Canning 2, Sundarbans, West Bengal. 
4. Training on Mobile Based Data Collection - Feb 2021
Designed and implemented a training on mobile data collection, analysis, and visualisation. Participants developed web and mobile apps from scratch and used the same to collect data. They were also taught to analyse and visualise the data received into analytical and interesting reports. 
5. Training UNFPA Sri Lanka Staff on MEL, Advocacy and Adaptive Management - Dec 20 – Jan 21
Designed and implemented a training for 25 UNFPA Sri Lanka staff on Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning, Advocacy, Appreciative Inquiry and Adaptive Management in collaboration with Results Training, Sri Lanka. 
6. Knowledge products on strategic learnings from 5 year-campaign against Child Marriage - Oct -Dec 2020
Created six end-programme knowledge products capturing the successes and learnings from the design and implementation of the More Than Brides Alliance campaign (2015-2020) on Child Marriage and SRHR for adolescents for Simavi, Netherlands. 
7. Training on developing winning proposals for GFC partners and other CSOs Nov 2020
Trained participants from CSOs in India (and one in South Africa) in developing winning proposals through a hands-on online training programme. 18 of these were CSO partners of Global Fund for Children. 21 trainees attended the training and developed 18 proposals during the training. Some proposals have already successfully been selected by donors for next round of screening.
8. Proposal to UNDEF for strengthening capacities of collectives of Women with Disabilities Oct 2020
Developed a proposal for Shanta Memorial Rehabilitation Centre, Bhubaneswar submitted to UN Democracy Fund. The proposal conceptualized strengthening capacities of women with disabilities and their collectives in four Indian States to fight exclusion, violence, and COVID. Also included was a system to strengthen the community and CSO support systems to track and respond to violence against them. 
9. Proposal to UN Trust Fund on ending Violence against Women with Disabilities Oct 2020
Developed a proposal for Shanta Memorial Rehabilitation Centre, Bhubaneswar submitted to UN Trust Fund to End VAW. The proposal sought funds for developing an online integrated violence monitoring and support system. The system will prevent and respond to violence against women with disabilities through single button alerts and data collected by community support persons in four states of India.
10. Design MEL Framework for Panchayats across 31 States/ UTs for UNDP, India - Aug-Sep 2020
Designed MEL Framework and MIS system to be deployed across 1100 Gram Panchayats in 31 States/ UTs of India for a project supported by MoPR, GoI and implemented by State Governments and NIRD&PR, Hyderabad. The system captures improvements in developing quality GP Development Plans, enhanced and professional functioning of the GPs as a self-governing institution and generating Own Source Revenue for developmental services to all citizens, esp. the marginalized sections. The system uses self-generated scorecards to track capacities and indicators to capture outcome level changes in these GPs/ Gram Sabhas and visualizes the same into a real-time web dashboard.
11. Proposal to NABARD on Rural Incubation Centres for DRES, Dehradun - Jul 2020
Proposal to NABARD on setting up Rural Incubation Centres for supporting entrepreneurs in Uttarakhand for Dev Rishi Educational Society, Dehradun.
12. Module on MEL systems for School for International Training, Vermont, USA - Jul 2020
Delivered Module on Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning systems for students of Masters in International Development enrolled in School for International Training, Vermont, USA. 
13. Mobile based MIS system to track Community Health projects and results in 73 villages in Canning 2 Block of Sundarbans, West Bengal, India - Jul 2020
Design and roll out of mobile based MIS system to track ANC, PNC service availability, nutrition, Ecosan toilet construction and use, household hygiene behaviour, tube well committees and water tests targeting about 500 poor families 270 including coverage by 180 Anganwadi Centres. 
14. Facilitate Theory of Change design workshop for More than Brides Alliance in India - Jan 2020
Supported Save the Children and More than Brides Alliance to design and facilitate a Theory of Change design workshop for forthcoming Phase 2 of the programme targeting early marriage and Adolescent Health in India
15. Evaluation of WHO India’s support to Multi-stakeholder Response to NCDs in India - Dec 2019
Evaluation of WHO India’s support to Multi-stakeholder Response for prevention and control of Non-Communicable Diseases in India
16. Train 40 CSO partners of United Nations in India on Data Collection, Analysis & Visualisation - Nov 2019
Support to UN RCO New Delhi to train 40 CSO partners of the United Nations in India in designing citizen’s data collection, analysis, and visualisation systems.
17. Design model Panchayat, Block, District Climate Change Adaptation Plans in Uttarakhand - Dec 2019
Support to UNDP Dehradun for preparing Model Panchayat, Block and District Plans for community adaptation against Climate Change in Uttarakhand. Mapping of various schemes that can support such plans and detailed consultations with major experts in Uttarakhand will be done to enrich the plans.
18. Knowledge Management Support to Udyogini, New Delhi for capturing achievements of past 25 years - May 2019
Supporting Udyogini, New Delhi to integrate KM in their work, and to create knowledge products from their 25 years of experience in supporting women’s entrepreneurship in India. Case Studies compilations, Videos, Analysis document on potential directions for women’s entrepreneurship and skill development will be produced. These were launched at completion of 25 years of Udyogini. 
19. Mobile-based MIS survey to identify potential women entrepreneurs in Uttar Pradesh - Dec 2018
Design mobile-based data collection system and analyse results to identify Microfinance Institutions borrowers who can be transformed into sustainable enterprise owner for a SIDBI-DFID funded project in Varanasi and Ghazipur districts of UP – support to Udyogini, New Delhi.
20. Design/ facilitate Joint Work Planning Workshop for all UN Agencies in India - UNSDF - Jul 2018
• Facilitating Workshop for the UN in India to develop a Joint Work Plan – keeping in mind SDG based data collection - for 18 UN agencies in India and collating these Work Plans into a unified strategic framework document for the UN in India. 
21. “MEL is FUN” Training for Udyogini staff across 5 states - Jul 2018
“MEL is FUN” Training for Udyogini staff at national, regional, and State levels to build internal capacities for programme planning 
22. Participatory Evaluation of Lac Value Chain Project - Jul 2018
Led the design and execution of Participatory Evaluation of Misereor funded project on Lac value chain in 7 Blocks in 5 Districts of 2 States – Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh executed on Mobile Data Collection interface designed by us.
23. Thought Piece on Issues affecting Women’s Enterprises - Jun 2018
Thought Piece on key contemporary Issues affecting Women’s Enterprises and how these need to be addressed – Climate change, Issues of Indigenous Peoples, Making markets work for the poor, Gender in Value Chains. The document fed into programming by Udyogini in all its programmes.
24. Facilitate Theory of Change Workshop for UN and Govt. of Maharashtra - May 2018
Design and lead Workshop for UN and Government of Maharashtra foe developing Theory of Change for Program “Action Room on Poverty” to cover 27 high priority Blocks in 7 districts of Maharashtra.
25. Monitoring Support to UN Resident Coordinator’s Office, New Delhi - Feb 2018
Monitoring Support to UN Resident Coordinator’s Office on DFID-supported Project on Localising SDGs for India for developing Value for Money Indicators and Results-oriented Annual Report
26. SDG monitoring tool for three Gram Panchayats in Maharashtra for UNDP - Feb 2018
Developed a monitoring tool tracking progress on SDGs for three Gram Panchayats in Uddyam – Talasari Integrated Skills Development Project. Also supported the project in collecting data from various sources and creating a baseline on select SDG Indicators relevant to the project. The project is supported by Larsen & Toubro Public Charitable Trust.
27. Handholding support for developing Knowledge products in Hindi using Experience Capitalization for ILSP, Uttarakhand Jan-Feb 2018
Supporting staff of Integrated Livelihood Support Program and World Bank-funded Watershed Management Directorate, Uttaranchal in producing Knowledge products using Systematic Knowledge Capturing and Management Methods. Training material and training was done in Hindi. Mountain Frameworks were integrated into KM methodologies.
28. Training and support for developing Knowledge products using Experience Capitalization for CTA, Netherlands - Jun 2017-Jan 2018 
Capacity Building and support for development of Knowledge Products for IFAD, World Bank and AIPP partners in South and South-East Asia using Experience Capitalization, a Knowledge Management Methodology developed by Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation, Amsterdam, IFAD, and FAO. The process involved training about 60 participants in Ex-Cap and then handholding them for developing knowledge products. 25 high-quality knowledge products documenting field learnings were produced.
29. End-project research into impacts of CBED entrepreneurship training in Oxfam's and Plan International's projects in Cambodia – for ILO Regional Office, Bangkok - Nov 2016-Feb 2017 
Qualitative Research into the impacts of CBED entrepreneurship training delivered through Oxfam's Savings for Change and Plan International's 'Vocational 
Training for Disadvantaged Young People' projects in Cambodia using mobile-based surveys and other qualitative tools. The findings will feed into further program design on Entrepreneurships Development in Cambodia.
30. Training in Knowledge Management for IFAD-funded ILSP, Uttarakhand - Nov 2017 
Capacity Building of staff of IFAD-funded Integrated Livelihood Support Program, Uttaranchal, and World Bank-funded Watershed Management Directorate, Uttaranchal on Systematic Knowledge Capturing and Management Methods.
31. Proposal Development on Violence against Women with Disabilities - Sep-Nov 2017 
Developed three proposals for SMRC, Bhubaneswar for EU Call, EIDHR Call and UN Trust Fund for program on eliminating Violence Against Women with disabilities in multiple states in India.
32. Country analysis of global and national donors supporting Indigenous Peoples and their movements in India for IWGIA, Netherlands Sep 2017 
• Collated a detailed report on sources of funds available from Government, Foundations and CSR donors in India specifically towards supporting indigenous people’s (tribal) movements and programs. The report was commissioned by the International Working Group on Indigenous Affairs, Copenhagen.  
33. Developing online Monitoring and Evaluation Systems for monitoring progress of various programs against the Strategic Plan of AIPP, Chiangmai, Thailand Jun-Dec 2017 
• Developed a web-based monitoring system to track progress of 6 AIPP thematic programs against the objectives of the organisation’s 5-year Strategic Plan. The system incorporated distributed data entry by AIPP staff/ partners and created a dashboard disaggregated by the 14 countries and by ethnic groups.
34. Developing online Monitoring and Evaluation Systems for UN Women, India Jan-Aug 2017 
• Developed a web-based monitoring system and dashboard for the Royal Norwegian Embassy funded program – “Gender-responsive Governance in India and Bhutan”. The data input was done by UN Women partners in various locations in India, while the system aggregated all this data to respond to UN Women’s monitoring requirements and to donor specifications.
35. Analysis of State level data systems to strengthen SDG reporting in India for the UN Resident Coordinator’s Office in India Jul-Sep 2017 
• Worked intensively with Departments of Economics and Statistics of Gujarat and Maharashtra for a rigorous comparative analysis of the development data systems of the two states. The analysis recommended how state data systems can be enhanced in Maharashtra to better respond to development and SDG monitoring. 
36. Mid-term Evaluation of project by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-India) titled – “WWF-India Strategy & Organizational Planning Sep-Nov 2016
• Conducted the mid-term evaluation of above project, including both Organizational Development and Strategic Development aspects. The learnings are expected to inform WWF’s global strategy for implementation of their Change Management Strategy in India and globally. 
37. Support Strategic Planning process for AIPP, Chiangmai, Thailand Aug-Dec 2016
• Facilitated the formulation of a bottom-up Strategic Planning process (period 2017-20) with Member Organizations from 14 countries for AIPP, a regional indigenous people’s network for futuristic and strategic global, regional, and national advocacy, capacity building and media advocacy. The emphasis is empowering indigenous movements in these countries and make national governments accountable for commitments against international agreements such as UNDRIP and FPIC.
38. Final Evaluation of AIPP’s performance in Strategic Plan in 14 Asian countries Jul-Sep 2016
• Lead Evaluator for evaluating the performance of AIPP in Strategic Plan period 2013-2016 of a complex global, regional, and national advocacy, capacity building and communication-based program for empowering indigenous women and men and their coalitions in 14 countries.
39. Training of staff and partners in developing Advocacy, Monitoring and Evaluation strategies and tools for UN Women, New Delhi Jul-Sep 2016
• Designed and facilitated series of trainings staff and partners for the Royal Norwegian Embassy funded program – “Gender-responsive Governance in India and Bhutan” program for UN Women Multi-country Office based in New Delhi. The trainings led to clear understanding and an agreed set of strategies and tools for streamlining and tracking performance of the program in 6 states of India and in Bhutan.
40. Member, proposal development team for Oxfam’s response to European Commission’s call for 2nd phase of Justice Sector Reforms in Vietnam. Jul-Sep 2016
• Supported Oxfam Vietnam’s team in proposal development for the response to a call by European Commission for Phase 2 of a support to Civil Society for national Justice Sector Reform Program. Contributed sections on M & E and outlined a web-based and live monitoring system for the program that will – if Oxfam succeeds – support and track about 40 CSOs in Vietnam in various functions. 
41. Support Oxfam Hong Kong to conduct a training of staff working in mainland China, Hong Kong and other to plan and track the success of their advocacy efforts. Apr 2016
• Designed and facilitated workshop for staff of Hong Kong in various places in and around China in very challenging circumstances to design, monitor and evaluate their influencing and advocacy efforts. Each team developed their Theory of Change and worked on indicators for success and developed monitoring tools. 
42. Support Oxfam multi-country program - “I am One, I am Many:  Combating discrimination on the basis of religious identities and beliefs” to develop MEL tools Mar 2016
• Support above multi-country program to build MEL tools for data collection with three country teams – Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Pakistan.
43. Facilitated participatory process for Oxfam & partners to revisit/ detail Country Strategy for Thailand. Designed MEAL framework for Impact level objectives from 2015-2020. Mar 2016
• Design and facilitated a participatory process with Oxfam staff and partners to revisit and design MEAL framework to track achievements of Impact level objectives of country program for period 2015-2020. 
44. Facilitate a proposal development workshop for Oxfam in Cambodia on Land Rights and Gender based Violence Mar 2016
• Design and facilitate a participatory Proposal training cum workshop for Oxfam in Cambodia on above issues. 
45. Develop the global MEAL framework for Oxfam’s multi-country Tax Justice Program in Vietnam and Kenya Feb 2016
• Based on MEL design workshops in Kenya and Vietnam, created a global online live MEAL framework including dashboards and reporting formats for the Tax Justice program in Kenya and Vietnam. 
46. Support AIPP in setting up a MEAL system to monitor Regional Outcomes Feb 2016
• Design and put in place a simple yet effective MEAL system for AIPP across multiple countries in Asia to track the organization’s outcomes through monitoring instruments to track annual deliverables and outcomes for generating evidence of change and for AIPP’s accountability to its stakeholders and donors. 
47. Write Program Implementation Plan for EU Funded multi-country program titled “I am One, I am Many:  Combating discrimination on basis of religious identities & beliefs” Feb 2016
• Support Oxfam Regional Centre in Bangkok to write the Program Implementation Plan of EU funded program on combating religious identity-based discrimination in three countries – Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Pakistan.
48. Design, test & roll out an Android phone-based MIS system for Udyogini, India’s Youth Entrepreneurship program in Uttarakhand Himalayas Jan 2016
• Using Android Platforms, design, test and roll out a mobile based regular monitoring system to track youth and their benefits for a Plan funded program on Youth Entrepreneurship in Uttarakhand Himalayas. The system is completely mobile based and allows instant export of MIS data into MS Excel for donor reporting. 
49. Develop the MEAL framework for the Oxfam Country Strategy in Myanmar Jan 2016
• Designed and facilitated a fun interactive training program to ensure that Vietnam staff imbibes the basic requirements of CAMSA (Oxfam’s Common Approach to MEL and Social Accountability) and got the team excited about implementing CAMSA to improve country programs. 
50. Train Oxfam Vietnam Staff in CAMSA (Oxfam’s Global MEAL Approach) Dec 2015
• Designed and facilitated a fun interactive training to ensure that Vietnam staff imbibes basic requirements of CAMSA (Oxfam’s Common Approach to MEL and Social Accountability) and got the team excited about implementing CAMSA to improve country programs. 
51. Design & facilitate workshops to design MEL Framework for Oxfam’s multi-country Tax Justice Program in Vietnam and Kenya Nov 2015
• Design and facilitated a participatory MEL design workshop involving Oxfam staff and partners to co-create a MEL framework for the project in Vietnam and Kenya, including agreeing on the strategy, major stakeholders to influence and formats for tracking outcomes, outputs, and qualitative changes in target populations’ lives. 
52. Design & facilitate Regional End-program Learning event for EU funded Food Security Program for Oxfam country teams in Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Asia region Dec 2015
• Design and lead an interactive learning event to crystalize FST Program achievements and upscalable learnings and to co-create a tentative design for a regional program on Food Security for the next phase. 
53. Developed proposal for “Right to Food” program, Oxfam Myanmar Nov 2015
• Developed proposal for Oxfam in Myanmar for Right to Food program. Supported country team in stakeholder analysis, formulating MEAL framework and streamlining the narrative in all other critical sections. 
54. Strengthen MEAL systems and capacities, Asia Indigenous People’s Pact, Thailand Oct 2015
• Design/ streamline AIPP’s MEAL system for formulating & tracking Results of a pan-Asia network of Indigenous People’s organisations. Build staff capacity in implementing MEAL framework. Ensure that current reporting & data systems capture empowerment & protection of Indigenous People’s rights.
55. Evaluation: ICT for MEAL to capture women’s empowerment, Oxfam Bangladesh Sep 2015
• Evaluation of the use of ICT and social media in capturing and sharing changes in empowerment of women of a Diary Value Chain in Bangladesh.
56. Training on “Proposal Writing for International Donors”, Oxfam Vietnam Aug 2015
• Built capacity of Oxfam Staff in Vietnam to develop winning proposals for international donors (e.g., EU, DFID, BMGF, etc.). Trained staff to clearly articulate program strategy, Results, Theory of Change. Staff also learned to self-assess proposals against donor quality criteria. Of 7 proposals discussed, 5 were funded by donors.
57. Develop Proposal for Phase 2 of Tatlan 2 Livelihoods Program, Oxfam Myanmar Jul 2015
• Developed proposal for Oxfam in Myanmar for Tat Lan Phase 2 program on livelihoods to be submitted to LIFT, a multi-donor multi-state program in Myanmar.
58. Co-Facilitate Workshop on developing regional Programme for GROW campaign in five countries of Asia for GROW, Oxfam Asia Jul 2015
• Co-facilitated a workshop for five country teams to co-create a joint strategy and a proposal for the next phase of GROW campaign in Asia – Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, and Nepal.
59. Support Seven Countries in Asia on MEAL & Fund Raising, Oxfam Asia, Bangkok May ‘15 - Feb ‘17 
• Supporting Oxfam Asia Regional Centre Bangkok for Program Quality assessment of new and old programs and for streamlining all new proposals in seven countries and the region.
60. Mobile based Baseline Survey, Savings for Change program, Oxfam Cambodia Jun 2015
• Completed baseline survey in three provinces of Cambodia in Khmer language entirely on mobile platform for “Savings for Change” program. Also conducted assessment of program strategy for guiding program design.
61. Tablet-based Weekly Violence Monitoring System, Oxfam America, El Salvador April 2015
• Designed and implemented a weekly violence monitoring system on tablets in 25 schools in El Salvador for UNICEF, Oxfam America, and Ministry of Education. Ministry will scale this to 5000 schools nationwide and, with other Ministries, create an integrated Violence Monitoring & Response System for children and women. 
62. Develop MEAL Framework, GRAISEA Regional Program - Oxfam Asia, Bangkok Jan 2015
• GRAISEA is a multi-country, multi-stakeholder program to strengthen responsible Agri-business and Social Enterprise in ASEAN. Supported the program to design and outline the MEAL Framework and Plan.
63. “Priorities for Research in Agriculture-Food Security in Myanmar”, IDRC, Delhi Nov 2014
• Based on intensive research, formulated IDRC’s Research Strategy for Myanmar on Agriculture-Food Security. 
64. Design Strategy in Women’s Entrepreneurship in 5 states of India- Udyogini, Delhi From Sep 2014
• Conducting ROI and SROI analysis of Udyogini’s value chains, and based on this, formulating Udyogini’s Country Strategy for gender empowerment through value chain program in five states of India. 
65. Evaluation: Response to Floods in Uttarakhand Himalayas, Intel - Udyogini, Delhi Dec 2014
• Developed capacities of Udyogini team in evaluation methods and tools, and with them, conducted an evaluation of Udyogini’s response to floods that affected thousands of families in Uttaranchal in 2013. 
66. Evaluation: Oxfam Indonesia’s Economic Justice Program Jul-Aug 2014
• Conducted a rigorous Outcome Evaluation of a multi-stakeholder, multi-sectoral program in Indonesia, assessing major achievements, gaps, and learnings for design of next Oxfam Country Strategy in Indonesia. 
• Facilitated a multi-stakeholder Consultation Workshop for exploring the major contours and concerns for next phase of Oxfam in Indonesia, which was integrated into the Oxfam Country Strategy.